Boys varsity volleyball loses to Lawndale



Rinesa Kabashi staff writer
The boys varsity volleyball team lost to Lawndale 0-3 sets on Thursday, April 26, in an Ocean League home match.
The team was defeated in all three sets, losing to the opposing team 20-25, 27-29 and 19-25. Despite the loss, the team still took away skills they could improve on for their next match.
“We could improve on better ball movement and putting down the ball on every play. We still had great communication and every player went for everything. It was just a matter of execution,” co-captain Sam Memmi said.
As a team captain, Memmi tries to keep spirits up during each game, no matter what the score. He believes a positive attitude is a key factor in any sport, not just volleyball.
“Mistake or point, I go to every player on the court and tell them good job or we got it on the next play. It keeps their heads up and focused on the game,” Memmi said.
Co-captain Jacob Suomi has seen a great improvement from taking the mistakes they make during practices into their games.
“When we scrimmage in practice, we get more of a game environment and more players feel confident to know what really happens during a game and how to react to different things happening,” Suomi said.
Since the season is coming to an end, Suomi feels like the team has learned that they need to trust each other and be more connected during a game.
“If we can trust each other to dig a ball or make a serve, then we will win game after game,” Suomi said.
The next home game will be against Culver City on Tuesday, May 1, at 3:15 p.m.