VIDEO: BHBL Gives Students Fun Athletic Outlet


Sam Bernstein staff writer
Jude Binkley staff writer

A majority of male Normans who participate in the Beverly Hills Basketball League (BHBL) play in the league’s Super Seniors division. The division, which hosts 12 teams, features players from grades 10-12 and is available to everyone on campus, not just members of the boys basketball program.
BHBL, a recreational basketball league for Beverly Hills youth, is going into its 20th year of operations on campus. Teams play on the three indoor courts on campus every Sunday.
Players are selected in a draft. All players are put in a draft pool after a tryout and are drafted by coaches. Coaches, who are 18 and older as well as oftentimes alumni of Beverly and the BHBL program, select their teams based on player tryouts and prior knowledge about the player.
Players in the Super Senior division have played BHBL in the past. Some have played in a BHBL since they were toddlers. Senior Joey Licht, who also played three years of high school basketball, is playing his 10th and final year in the league. Licht enjoys the league because it is a less formal outlet to show his basketball prowess.
“People don’t try as hard and don’t care as much. There’s less teamwork and you have to do more yourself,” Licht said.
Another reason Licht enjoys the league is because of the low pressure environment that the league presents to players.
“It is nice to not care about winning or losing,” Licht said. “We just play basketball. We
are more willing to have fun and we’re happier after the game.”
For former or current members of Beverly’s boys basketball program, BHBL is a more casual way to play the sport that they love. Junior Eben Nahouray, a member of the JV boys basketball team, plays because he appreciates the chance to experiment on the court.
“These games are more fun, you’re free to do whatever you want,” Nahouray said. “Nothing matters in these games. You just come to play, have fun and hopefully win.”
Individual achievements take a back seat in the BHBL. For players, including Nahouray, the final score matters more to them than the stat sheet.
“I care about winning the most,” Nahouray said. “Winning is my main goal.”
The Super Seniors regular season, which started on Sunday, April 1, wraps up on Sunday, May 13. Playoffs take place the following weekend.