French students place highly in National French Contest


Jamie Kim co-editor-in-chief
After students took the National French Contest, known as Le Grand Concours, in fall of last year, results were announced two weeks ago. Many students in all levels of French classes ranked highly in southern California and nationwide.
AP French student Maya Luong, who earned silver for the Level Five contest, was happy with her results and is even considering studying French and other languages in college.
“I feel pretty great because I love studying new languages, and this award means a lot to me since I actually skipped a level of French and I was nervous if I would still be able to do well. At the moment, I’m contemplating between minoring in French in college or Applied Linguistics,” Luong said.
All winners were honored with their medals at the French Cabaret event on April 25.
“After taking [Le Grand Concours], I didn’t think that I did that well because of the difficulty of the test, so I was really pleasantly surprised about winning,” fourth-year French student junior Paris Rosen, who placed gold in Level Four and is ranked sixth in southern California and eighth nationally, said. “It’s a nice achievement because I’ve been in French since eighth grade, and it’s nice to see that my French is improving and that I’m really gaining knowledge about the language.”
These students’ achievements were recognized not only by faculty but also by friends and family.
“As the brother of one of the winners, I am very honored to be related to someone who works so hard and I’m really happy and proud of her,” senior Alex Rosen, brother to Paris, said.
See the complete list of winners below:
Gold / TOP 10 RANKINGS in S.Cal. and Nat’l
Level 1:  Bradley Moon (1st SoCal, 3rd Nat’l)
         Raffi Haroutunian (2nd SoCal, 3rd Nat’l)
         Ava Von Lipinski  (3rd SoCal, 5th Nat’l)
Level 2: Lily Sater  (3rd SoCal, 5th Nat’l)
         Eujeong Chi   (5th SoCal, 7th Nat’l)
         Rebeca Sanchez   (5th SoCal, 7th Nat’l)
          Nicole Feyzjou   (6th SoCal, 8th Nat’l)
         Adriann Brodeth   (6th SoCal, 8th Nat’l)
          Chloe Chriqui   (6th SoCal, 8th Nat’l)
Level 3:  Matthew Allana  (4th SoCal, 6th Nat’l)
         Emma Hasson   (8th SoCal, 10th Nat’l)
         Joseph Gluckman   (10th SoCal, 12th Nat’l)
Level 4:  Lila Bensemoun   (3rd SoCal, 5th Nat’l)
            Sarp Kurtoglu (3rd SoCal, 5th Nat’l)
         Evan Aizenman   (4th SoCal, 6th Nat’l)
         Paris Rosen (6th SoCal, 8th Nat’l)
Level 5:  Sarah Attias   (2nd SoCal, 5th Nat’l)
            Nour Bouattour   (2nd SoCal, 5th Nat’l)
Level 1:  Nathan Sparks, Madeleine Liner, Nil Sani
Level 2:  Ariel Kaplan, Fady Tawfik, Ilan Farahi
Level 3:  Ava Dillard, Catherine Liner, Jiho Park, Harrison Stone  
Level 4:  Nathan Habib, Eden Bechnainou
Level 5:  Maya Luong
Level 1:  Marissa Kaniel, An Nguyen, Matthew Moezinia
Level 2:  Rafael Choukroun, Diya Verma, Joshua Glettner           
Level 3:  Matthew Park, Jordan Laredo, Veronica Valle          
Level 4:  Tina Hosseiny
Level 5:  Javier Valle, Tara Moazemi, Hailey Sani, Dan Bazini