Quest Awards



Rinesa Kabashi staff writer
The Quest Awards were held on May 16 to award athletes on their athletic achievements.
Freshman Outstanding Athletes:
Eujeong Chi
Reina Paysinger
Cosette Prisand
Esther Goldberg
Quinn Harris
Jeremy Shuman
Raffi Choukroun
Sophomore Outstanding Athletes:
Angela Bradbury
Arbri Gillis
Emme Hayes
Ryan Fernandez
Jan Reyes
Chris Drake
Ilai Dardashti
Junior Outstanding Athletes:
Dani Elitzur
Lily Yovetich
Henry Grote
Daniel Heller
Jonah Okum
Senior Varsity Club Inductees:
Isabel Rund
Emma Duchemin
Cannon King
Megan Saghian
Camilla Wolf
Leticia Valle
Zoe Hinton
Abby Kolko
Charlie Green
Jonathan Tansey
Greg Carter
Andres Dollero
Navid Nour
Sean Mehrara
Altan Maxim
Kenneth Villanueva
Michael Huang
Senior Hall of Fame Inductees:
Sebastian Fanucci
“When my coach announced my name, it really shined a light on all the things I’ve done. I didn’t fully recognize how great my accomplishment really was until it was announced in front of everyone,” Fanucci said. “I am more than honored to be a part of the senior Hall of Fame, and although thankful not so much surprised, because I know all of the work I have put it has meant something to not only myself but others who have watched.”
Mateo De Camargo Hanley
“Getting an award feels well deserved,” Camargo said. “When you put in real work, you know what it really means to grind.”
Sarah Smith
“I’ve gotten the Athlete of the Year award a couple times and have seen seniors from past years being awarded with larger awards and scholarships,” Smith said. “This is something I’ve been working towards for a while, and I’m proud to have finally achieved this award as a senior.”
Dominique Petrie
Daniel Zahabian
“It’s a tremendous honor to be a part of a list of such prestigious athletes,” Zahabian said. “I’m truly humbled to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, and it will be a title that I always carry on my back.”
Sue Jones and Nicole Lewis Memorial Female Athlete Character Award: Camilla Wolff
Scholar Athletes: Jonathan Artal & Sophia Goldberg
Susan Stevens Scholarship Award: Leticia Valle
“I am extremely honored to have received the Susan Stevens award. Susan was an incredible person and role model for all. I’m proud that the school believes I embody the qualities that go along with this award,” Valle said.
BHAAA Founders Award ($500 scholarship): Isabel Rund
Lessie Paysinger Memorial Award ($1500): Jonathan Tansey
“It feels really amazing to win this award, and I am extremely grateful and humbled by this honor. I wanted to experience high school as a student-athlete, and this is just one of the many amazing by-products that has come from that decision,” Tansey said.
Ben Bushman Memorial Award: Sarah Smith
Don Reynolds Memorial Scholarship Award ($1500): Dominique Petrie