Editorial: Expect diverse content with coming year


Dear Highlights Readers,
In this past year, we at Highlights have aimed to fulfill our role as the voice of the student body and to report in-depth, reliable information to the community. We have strived to be the forerunner for news on and off campus, whether that be the developments of construction, the Board of Education’s discussion on reconfiguration or coverage of school-related events. Come next year, we hope to equally cover all local happenings, as well as discuss pressing global issues relevant to the student body. Seeing as we continue to be a web-based newspaper, we hope to utilize all multimedia tools to create a 21st-century outlet through which the community receives information.
First and foremost, we will work to develop more diverse content. Having been our first year solely publishing on a digital platform, we did not completely take advantage of the online tools that were previously unavailable for print. There are endless possibilities when it comes to publishing content online, and in the coming year, we hope to more efficiently utilize said possibilities. We look to play around with different applications to amplify our stories and create more engaging pieces.
On top of diversifying the publication content-wise, we are working to change our look. Yes, you read that correctly. Gone will be the overwhelming white space and square orange boxes. Instead, you will see our more aesthetically pleasing site filled with polls, bold headlines and photos that jump out at you. We hope that with our more interactive web design, we will be able to more efficiently deliver the quality and diversity expected from the Highlights staff.
A new look breeds a new approach to tackle familiar topics, like sports. We will be covering athletic games and matches as we do every year, only next year we hope to liven up our recaps and updates. We will be doing so by using resources such as ScoreStream to report live as games progress for those sitting at home. By announcing final scores and highlights in a new fashion, we hope this new dynamic of our sports coverage will be more instantaneous and accessible for our avid sports fans.
Continuing with our goal to take new stances on familiar topics, we are resolving to expose the student body to the cultural components that lay outside the parameters of our “Beverly Hills bubble.” From foodie vlogs introducing contemporary restaurants and eateries to mass media reviews, covering newly debuted movies, plays and music, Highlights can become an apt source for culture in LA. As the demand for technology revolutionizes how students study and interact, we aim to be the quintessential model of a 21st-century publication and extend our reviews to not just books and films, but to apps and other online platforms.
The developments of the 21st century lead us to become a solely web-based publication. As technology advances and develops, we at Highlights are determined to stay ahead of the curb and adhere to these changes. Our efforts to produce fresh and innovative stories reflect our passion to uphold the reputation Highlights has built over the years. We look forward to continue being your voice and see what surprises are in store for the new school year.