Four things I wish I knew my freshman year


Celine Hakimianpour, staff writer
Does anyone remember the first day of freshman year? You had just graduated middle school where you were a big fish in a little pond; you had everything under control. Then just a year later, you were helplessly thrown into a dark and large shark tank—high school. You soon grew accustomed to it and all the responsibilities that infamously come along with high school (snooty upperclassman and your awkward teenage years). Now, taking a look back, I wish someone warned me about the challenges that would soon be launching my way.  For all of you new fish, and also for you reminiscent upperclassman, here are some words of advice that I wish I had gotten coming in as a freshman:

  1. Learn time management. Coming from the view of a procrastinator, I know how fast those assignment that were once due “ 2 months from now”, catch up with you. Don’t let the distractions of Facebook and Twitter sidetrack your brain into thinking you have plenty of time. Everything has a time and a place; save the distractions for after your priority work.
  2. Get Involved. There are plenty of extracurricular opportunities presented to you at Beverly.  Do not just sign up for every club, team or play you see. Odds are, you won’t be interested in everything you find, so only sign up for things that interest you. Also, get started on those community service hours because as high school progresses, so does the workload and the stress.
  3. Don’t be afraid to make new friends.  Don’t feel compelled to stick to your old group of friends from middle school.  I am definitely not saying to let them go, but if you never get out of your clique, you are limiting yourself from many new perspectives and opportunities that come along with new friends. High school is a chance to branch out, and if that means switching up your social vibe too, then let it.
  4. Start planning your future. Although it may seem that college is too far into the future, SATs and College Board will sneak up on you before you know it. Start thinking about your SAT prep, and the colleges you would possibly be interested in. Heck, even have a talk with your parents—yes, your mom and dad still exist. I’m not telling you to start writing college essays, but as AP courses, sports, part-time jobs, community service hours, friends and other things enter into your life, you’re going to wish you had pre-thought some future plans. Save yourself some sleep and start brainstorming about your future possibilities ahead of time. Trust me.

These are just a few of the things I wish I knew as a freshman. However, don’t forget to have loads of fun and enjoy the independence being granted to you. Have a nice swim, little fishies!