MSA to fundraise, spread awareness for UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital



Catherine Gagulashvili copy editor
The Medical Science Academy (MSA) is holding a fundraiser the week of Halloween to raise money for the UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital.
MSA will be selling Halloween grams for $1 on Oct. 29 and Oct. 30. They will be distributing the grams, which will have candy attached to them, on Halloween. They will also be selling UCLA merchandise for the remainder of the week. They are hoping to raise at least $500 from this fundraiser, one of three that occur throughout the year. The money raised will be going directly to the Children’s Life program, a program that allows volunteers to spend quality time with hospitalized children.
“[The Children’s Life program] is what really transforms the child’s experience in the hospital,” MSA president junior Hila Gelfer said. “We wanted to open [the students’] eyes to this experience. This allows students to become more involved and hopefully volunteer [at the UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital,] but it’s also helping a good cause.”
Students from MSA have the opportunity to volunteer at the hospital, and they spend time with the children they are raising the money for. Gelfer elaborated that some of the money raised goes to buying the children toys and materials. Social Media Coordinator junior Lexi Shaheri enjoys fundraising and spreading awareness for this cause.
“It makes me feel very happy to be able to raise money [for this cause,] Shaheri said. “[It’s] in order to make these children in the hospital still feel like kids, instead of just patients.”
Grams will be sold during lunch on Monday and Tuesday at the second-floor patio and in front of the library. UCLA merchandise will be sold at the same locations on Thursday and Friday.