Message from the editorial board: article retraction


An article published on our website on Feb. 8, 2013, titled “Ongoing investigation of prostitution business continues in Beverly Hills” was removed on Friday, Dec. 21 as a factual inaccuracy published in the article was uncovered.
A writer, who is no longer on the Highlights staff, published that Arman Dayan, the landlord of a multi-tenant office on 9012 Olympic Blvd., was the owner of Everhealth Medical Spa, a now-defunct massage parlor. This was false, as Dayan was the landlord of the office complex the spa rented their property from and had never held any ownership in Everhealth Medical Spa. The article accused the owners of the spa for soliciting prostitution in their establishment. While this was a valid accusation, the article’s claim that Dayan was the owner of the spa was, again, completely false.
Highlights apologizes to Dayan and everyone else affected by this error.