Camp Harmony attracts Beverly students


Arman Zadeh, print sports editor 
Nine Beverly students participated in a volunteer opportunity known as Camp Harmony over this summer. They traveled to Camp Hess Kramer and Camp Hilltop for one week in August to help out with the nationwide effort of United in Harmony.
Camp Harmony is a free camp for homeless children that provides kids with a “safe and fun haven of opportunity”, as referenced by junior Yaniv Sadka. This year, Camp Harmony was hosted on August 19-26.
United in Harmony hosts Camp Harmony every year in hopes “to provide homeless and impoverished children with hope and opportunities to develop positive self-esteem through interactions with teenage and adult role models,” as mentioned by their website. Children invited to Camp Harmony are referred to United in Harmony by shelter personnel and caseworkers, then invited to this free, one-week camp.
This years Beverly participants included juniors Sadka, Eli Sachs, Haley Albert, Sam Levy, Pauline Bakshian, and seniors Grayson Kim, Oliver Gallop, Remy Eddine and Jason Friedman. Volunteers and children participated in activities such as sports, campfires, a beach day, and a ropes course. Gallop was one of the many counselors who worked diligently for the kids.
“Working at camp was really hard at times, but the harder I worked the more rewarding it was. We were there for the kids, with the number one goal being for them to have fun,” Gallop said.
Not only did Gallop and others help the children at camp enjoy themselves and deal with individual problems, but co- counselor Sadka feels that they helped him realize how lucky he really is with his lifestyle.
“I felt an extreme sense of inspiration and motivation after seeing how these kids lived. After hearing about all that they go through on a daily basis, it really inspired me to appreciate all that I have with my family,” Sadka said.
For those who wish to apply for this volunteer opportunity, you can visit here for more information.