Review: ‘Nathan For You’ proves being awkward can be entertaining



Candice Anvari cub writer
Shows that make people laugh and cringe simultaneously are the best types of shows.
Nathan Fielder is presented with the urge to spread genuine good, but the way he pursues his goal is what makes him unique and entertaining to watch. “Nathan For You” is a comedic documentary that follows Nathan through his ventures in helping small business owners bring in new customers. The series consists of four seasons and 32 episodes that can be found on Hulu and Comedy Central.
Nathan’s actions are the highlight of the entire show. Most of his ideas are extremely bizzare and strangely creative. In the first episode, Nathan is working with two small businesses, Yogurt Haven and Valley’s Pizza Land. Nathan’s idea for Yogurt Haven is to add a feces flavored yogurt which is such a shocking flavor it’d be bound to make customers curious. The feces flavor would’ve never even been predicted by the audience who just started the show for the first time due to the fact that it’s bizarre.  Nathan’s idea for Valley’s Pizza Land includes a new delivery deal in which the pizza would have to be delivered in eight minutes or else the customer would receive a free pizza.
The impossibility of the task and how the business owner’s employees handle the situation is entertaining to watch play out. This rareness makes the show more appealing, especially to people who normally wouldn’t encounter plans like his on a daily basis.
The show uses serious, dry comedy which is enjoyable and new for viewers. Nathan’s earnest and confident personality makes him even more humorous to watch.
The business owners are reluctant to work with Nathan due to the fact that they can’t take his ideas seriously. Nathan’s main priority is to become friends with the business owners by the end of their partnership because he has no friends, which makes the audience come to like Nathan more. During the scenes of Nathan’s pursuit to be friends with the business owner, the audience can feel the uncomfortable awkwardness that is being felt in that situation. The awkwardness is what makes Nathan’s personality relatable to students who feel awkward when trying to make new friends.   
Nathan’s need for friends gives him a sensitive side that makes him more relatable to viewers. His sensitive side is overshadowed by his weird personality, but the audience can still see it more as the episode progresses. Nathan’s emotional side is interesting to see among all the crazy plans he creates throughout the episode.
Customer reactions are comical to watch because their initial-reactions are documented. A majority of the customers are shocked which further adds to the amusement of the scene. The audience can put themselves in the customer’s position, while watching the show, and think about how unpleasant Nathan’s idea really is.
The show’s documentary style of filming gives off a casual dynamic that is not normally seen in most TV shows. The camera crew zooms in on comical facial expressions that add to the overall humor and style of the show.  
After the trial of Nathan’s idea, the business owners tell him they no longer want to use his idea and they don’t want to be friends with him. The dynamic between Nathan and the business owners at the end of the episode is the perfect transition which sets up the plot for the next episode since Nathan still needs to find a friend.
The show is very entertaining and easy to follow. The unexpected ideas keep the audience on their toes and make them want to hear more of Nathan’s hysterical plans.
“Nathan For You”
Rated: TV-14
Runtime: 30 minutes
Personal Rating: 4/5