Girls JV basketball faces another loss


Kevai Lewis, cub writer
Blue and white posters covered the Culver City basketball court as pops of orange and black sprinted back and forth during the first game of the night. Finally, the sound of the last buzzer filled the gym and the score was 35-39.
After losing the game against Santa Monica High School on Friday, Jan. 11, the JV girls basketball team was looking for a win. But, that’s not what they found at their game against Culver City on Wednesday, Jan. 16.
At 3:00 pm, sophomore Ashley Golbar and the rest of the team started the game against Culver, which was one their most competitive games of the season. Although the results of the game against school rival SAMO were tough for the team, they were focused on what was to come.
“More of us have been concentrated on beating Culver City today,” Golbar said.
The tension was visible on the court, as the whole game never exceeded more than a two point lead on either side.
Golbar has been on the basketball team for two years and has seen a shift in the team’s relationship. Since last year, the team has seen changes such as a swap of coaches.
“We have a hard time trusting each other on the court. For example, there are less passes than there should be,” Golbar said.
Golbar is not the only player who has noticed this trend, either.
“We’ve always had a lack of communication skills,” sophomore Jolene Matian added.
After a consistently close game, the Normans lost by four points. After this loss, the team has gained an advantage: they are more motivated than before.
“I think we’re going to need to take a couple losses in order to overcome it and win the rest of our games,” Golbar said.
Varsity player Corrine Khorshidi has watched the team over the past season and sees a bright end for the JV season.
“I’ve seen the team struggle during the season,” Khorshidi said. “But, I believe in them and I’m proud to pass the varsity team to them after I graduate this year.”
The girls next game will be an away game against Lawndale on Friday, Jan. 18, at 3:00 p.m.