Girls varsity soccer strikes with another win



Rinesa Kabashi staff writer
The girls varsity soccer team kicked off their playoff season with a  2-1 win against Lompoc High School on Wednesday, Feb. 6. If the team wins their next match this will be the first time in program history to win the second round in playoffs.
“It will feel amazing [if we win the next match]. We’ve come so far and we’ve all put so much hard work and dedication to be where we are that we just can’t lose, not at this point,” forward senior Ashley Heravi said.
The team prepared for this game differently compared to other games allowing, them to not only win but defend the opposing team’s best player from scoring a goal.
“I think mentally, we all really wanted to win and didn’t let up. We went into the game having practiced and watched videos of the other team so we were prepared,” goalkeeper senior Estella Rosen said. “Our communication was a big part of our win as well.”
As the team gets closer to the next playoff game, their energy on the field is starting to grow.
“The difference between this game and the other games was that we had so much more to lose. In league, we are always guaranteed another game. But, in playoffs, it’s win or go home. Knowing that has boosted the energy we have by so much. We all want this so badly,” Heravi said.
Co-captain Kayla Shadgoo is proud of her team and is confident that they can make it all the way to CIF.
“We had amazing possession, pressured every ball and had amazing defense. For our next game, I hope we bring the same intensity to the field,” Shadgoo said. “If everyone just gives it their 110 percent, I know we can make it to CIF.”
The team’s next home game will be against Patriot High School on Friday, Feb. 8 at 3:30 p.m.