Club Spotlight: Cookies for Cancer


Jude Binkley staff writer
The Cookies for Cancer Club, an established group on campus, has been raising money through bake sales outside the Beverly Hills Farmers Market to donate to the Children’s Cancer Research Fund.
Club co-president Chantel Yeshova has been raising funds for the cause for the past four years. She joined the cause her freshman year and has served as co-president for two years.
“When I joined I was a freshman, and I was just another member who was in the club, but I really liked the creative idea of selling cookies, an idea that everybody would enjoy participating in,” Yeshova said.
While Yeshova runs the club along with co-president Ava Hekmati, it was Ava’s older sister Tara Hekmati who started the club and built a relationship with the Research Fund, a local organization that hopes to one day find a cure for cancer.
The club meets twice a month in the bungalows where they designate four to five members to sell cookies at the Farmer’s Market.
“We go out a little bit outside the Farmers Market with a table and we have posters and signs and t-shirts and we buy cookies from Diddy Riese and we sell them for $1 each,” Yeshova said. “We promote it to people walking by and let them know that it’s going to the Children’s Cancer Research Fund.”
The club has been successful in raising money, raising over $2000 for the fund in the last year. Their goal for has been to sell out of all 60 cookies they bring to each sale. Yeshova and Hekmati have thought about selling more than just Diddy Riese. They have considered also selling gluten-free and organic cookies at the monthly bake sale.
“It’s just a really fun way to get together with your friends and donate to a good cause. You just have the best time every Sunday,” Yeshova said. “Like it’s always sunny out, so it’s just like such a great place to be and such a great feeling to be doing it.”