MSA holds first annual Networking Night, celebrates success



Catherine Gagulashvili copy editor
The Medical Science Academy (MSA) held its first annual Networking Night on Feb. 21. The event was created by junior Nicole Feyzjou as an opportunity to connect MSA students with clinical and research medical professionals from a myriad of specialties in healthcare.
Feyzjou, at the end of her sophomore year, was inspired to create an impactful learning experience for her MSA peers. She came up with the idea of Networking Night to allow students to interact with and meet medical professionals in a social environment. Roughly 30 MSA students roamed the EDC to meet 11 doctors from several different specialties, ranging from orthodontists to orthopedic surgeons.
“The goal was for students to make connections that would be beneficial for them in the future [and] this goal was reached,” Feyzjou said. “Several students, including myself, were offered opportunities to shadow doctors in the operating room.”
MSA Instructor Colleen Lynch served as a guide to help Feyzjou reach out to the medical community and overall help her succeed in planning the event.
“She worked very hard organizing, and I was proud of her for her efforts and the overall success of this event. The feedback from those who attended was overwhelmingly positive,” Lynch said. “Students disclosed that this event exposed them to new areas of interest and may have inspired them to pursue a new area of medicine [they] had not yet considered.”
Feyzjou faced challenges when reaching out to doctors, given their busy schedules; yet, she found her exertions paid off when she saw how this event opened opportunities for students.
“The best moment was seeing particular students suddenly become fascinated with a field they never thought of as interesting prior to meeting the medical professionals,” she said.
Going forward, both Feyzjou and Lynch hope the event will continue in the coming years, as the event was reported successful.
“I thought this was one of the most meaningful events that MSA has hosted,” Lynch said. “I am so grateful Nicole Feyzjou brought this idea to MSA and I’m hoping the next generation of MSA students continue and improve this event for future MSA students.”