Counselor involved in athletics, performing arts



Ian Campbell, cub writer
After a long week of providing academic, career, college access/affordability/admission and social-emotional competencies to all students, House B Counselor Greg Jackson gets to relax for two whole days doing the things he loves outside of school life.


One of Jackson’s interests is film. Specific films he has been keeping up on are the Marvel movies so far.
“A most recent movie I saw was Captain Marvel which I thought was really good, very excited for Endgame which is coming out next month, but definitely the Marvel movies. Yeah, those are precisely the main movies I’ve focused on recently.” Jackson said.
Keeping up with Marvel movies, but nothing really else that is interesting to him that much.


As long as Jackson can remember theatre is a big part of his life growing up.
“I mean growing up my mom would take us when we were little kids to the theater a lot so it was definitely something that I remember from childhood and was a good experience” Jackson said.
Theatre definitely played a big part of his life growing up, and having that ability to experience something he’s not good at helps distinguish him from the things that other people can do that he can’t.
‘Something that I’ve always found the ability to appreciate other people’s talents even when something that I don’t have talent in myself.” Jackson said.


The biggest thing that stood with Jackson for a very long time is sports.
“Sports were everything to me growing up, it was the only priority for me.” Jackson said.
Jackson in his youth participated in basketball, soccer, and baseball.
“So I played baseball, basketball and soccer growing up. I only played baseball in high school that was by far my best sport,  but I played all three of those year round. So I played year round basketball and alternating seasons of baseball and soccer so pretty much my entire life.” Jackson said.
Though the older you get, the harder it is for you to do the things you love.
“The older I get, it seems like the less that happens, but every year my new year’s resolution is just to you know get involved into you know start pursuing that more. So it’s really fallen off over the years.”
Besides playing sports, Jackson also has an interest watching his favorite sports teams both on tv and live.
“I’m a huge sports fan. I go to many Dodgers games a year, I love the Lakers the Trojans definitely follow all of LA sports”
Huge fan of the LA community, Jackson likes to keep himself busy after school days watching/playing sports, watch films, and going to the theater.
“I mean there’s a lot of things I like doing outside of school I like going to movies, I’m a huge sports fan,  I go to many many dodger games a year I love the lakers the trojans definitely follow all of la sports. So I definitely like going out in our community as much as possible.”