Teachers honored at Apple Awards



Ava Seccuro staff writer
Administrators, teachers and staff across BHUSD were recognized for their outstanding work for making developmental strides toward enriching the minds and characters of students at the Apple Awards ceremony on April 17. Among the teachers honored from the high school were coach John Braddell and English teacher Lynne Heneidi.
Other than Braddell and Heneidi, below are the other recipients of the accolade:

Assistant Superintendent of Education Services Beverly Vista 5th grade teacher Hawthorne history teacher El Rodeo English teacher Horace Mann school counselor Maintenance and Construction Operations Manager
Dustin Seemann Kris Milliken Marissa Long Lauren Stuart Shelanee Fernando Hosea Harris

Prior to the ceremony, Principal Mark Mead alerted recipients of their achievement. Braddell claims that although appreciative, he was shocked that he received it.
“A couple weeks ago, Mr. Mead pulled me aside and said that he was nominating me for this award, and I was kind of shocked and very appreciative. You never know when you’re going to win this kind of thing,” Braddell. “I always do my thing and work hard, but I just never really thought about it. It was quite a surprise, and I’m very thankful.”
Since Braddell starting working at the district in 1997, he has witnessed his co-workers from the athletic department receive the Apple Award. As Braddell has assumed the role of Assistant Athletic Director this year, Mead accredited the athletic program’s continued success to Braddell.
“His leadership in the department [is] vital to the ongoing and continued success of our athletic programs. This year, Coach Braddell took over the mantle of assistant athletic director in a time of rapid change in the district’s vision for athletic programs and facilities,” Mead said during his speech at the awards ceremony. “He juggles his role as the PE department chair, basketball coach and athletic director with his usual student-centered vigor.”
Although Braddell has had palpable success via the girls basketball program, winning the CIF regional championship in 2017 and 2018, the real success lies within his players.
“The greatest testament to Coach Braddell happens when you watch the loyalty, camaraderie and integrity manifested in his incredible athletes. Anyone who has these young ladies in class or meets them in the hallway knows that they are classy, hardworking women of integrity,” Mead said. “Coach Braddell’s strength of character is manifested in the success of his athletes on and off the court.”
Although unable to obtain a comment from Heneidi in time for publishing, Mead attests to her renowned success with the SBAC and her willingness to share new knowledge that she so eagerly seeks.
“She renews her educational vision each year by attending several annual conferences, all with the intent of helping our students succeed in the classroom, in Common Core and in the university setting,” Mead said. “Ms. Heneidi is always ready to grow and to share this growth with others, including administration, for which we are very grateful. [She] deserves a great deal of the credit for BHHS’s continued success in the ELA section of the SBAC.”
Mead hopes to inspire and motivate other teachers to follow in the footsteps of the Apple Award recipients by publicly praising their accomplishments.
“For example, with Ms. Heneidi, she is a creative and outstanding classroom teacher. We have many such teachers at our high school. Particularly, we really appreciate her dedication to seeking professional development that aligns with the state standards, Common Core and CAASPP testing,” Mead said. “These goals align closely with state expectations and our own Single Plan/LCAP goals. In this way, she is an educational leader by example.”