Seniors strive for ICDC victory



Rinesa Kabashi staff writer 
DECA is competing in Orlando, Florida, for the International Career Development Conference (ICDC) from Saturday April 27- 29. A total of 18 DECA members will compete with over 20,000 other students in a series of business role-plays and a multiple choice test.
DECA’s biggest goals are to maximize their number of ICDC finalists and get a team into the top three for the first time in history. While they strive to achieve these goals, nervousness can get in the way.
“I am striving ease my students’ nervous attitudes by reminding them of their competitive skill and how many hours they have practiced for competition. This can help students enter their competitive events with heightened confidence,” DECA co-president Sean Toobi said.
Senior Jonah Okum has set a personal goal to bring home a national title and to make the most of the last moments with friends in DECA.
“It is important that I not only motivate myself, but also those around me. Staying on task and caring about each person’s needs will help out the club reach its maximum potential,” Okum said.
Toobi is not only excited to be with his team, but to also branch out and meet other teams in the conference.
“I am most excited for the opportunity to meet students from DECA chapters across the world,” Toobi said. “This is an incredible chance to network and build connections with thousands of other students.”
With this being her last year, senior Rebecca Newman is deciding to give her last competition her all.
“The best way to prevent myself from being nervous is by being prepared and confident that I know the material well enough to execute it in front of a judge,” Newman said. “DECA has been one of the best things I have enrolled myself into and I want to finish it on the best note possible.”