Choir to perform annual spring concert


Catherine Gagulashvili copy editor
The choir program will be performing its annual spring concert at the Saban Theatre tonight.
The concert includes performances from the men’s and women’s choirs, the Minnesingers and the Madrigals Singers, respectively; it also includes one piece in which the all the choral singers perform a song by the Beatles. The groups have each been preparing their songs for the entirety of second semester.
“The most gratifying part of performing is hearing pieces we have worked on for months come together and sound so great. We all have worked very hard in the past semester, and it’s so gratifying when that work comes across to the audience,” Madrigals singer junior Willa Ziegenfuss said. “Our shows are meant to show us all off and display each of our hard work and talent. As performers, we love being able to share our music as often as possible.”
Senior Lola Spector is a member of the Minnesingers who has enjoyed working with the other choirs to put together one all-inclusive piece.
“I like working with Madrigals because they’re more advanced than us [so,] we get to learn from them but also a lot of them are like our friends, so it’s cool to be able to sing with them. Working with the youngers singers, they get really excited when we all work together and to…see them grow as like the year has gone on [is great],” Spector said. “It just unites the program in a cool way.”
Ziegenfuss agrees that choir has served as unifying aspect of her high school career. And while the ultimate goal is to display their skills and have the audience enjoy their work, performing is made all the better for Ziegenfuss when she is beside her fellow singers and friends.
“My favorite part of performing is making eye contact for brief moments with other people in the choir. We are all able to play off each other’s emotions, and it’s a great feeling to look at a friend in the choir and feel so connected to them,” she said.
The doors open at 6:30 p.m. at the Saban Theatre tonight. There is a five dollar per person donation at the door.