Camila Cabello begins ‘CC2 era’ with release of two new singles



Alya Mehrtash staff writer
Camila Cabello’s “CC2 era” is officially here and already making a great first impression. Referring to the upcoming release of Cabello’s sophomore album, the “CC2 era” has been highly anticipated by fans, and the release of her two newest singles, “Liar” and “Shameless,” have set a high bar for the music that is still to come.
Liar” is a perfect song to dance to. It has a fast, upbeat tempo and is sure to make listeners move and truly enjoy the song. Cabello and the producers did an incredible job of masterfully intertwining her lyrics with the catchy music behind it. The transition from the pre-chorus to the chorus is also worth acknowledging, as the smooth and perfect buildup makes the beginning of the chorus even more pleasurable for listeners.
Shameless,” on the other hand, is less of an upbeat song and more of one that portrays internal chaos, both through the lyrics and the melody. Cabello sings of her shameless love for someone, saying, “Screaming my lungs out for you, not afraid to face it, I need you more than I want to.” Listeners can easily feel the emotion through the way Cabello sings these lyrics, raising her voice and using a more shrill, high pitched tone. Additionally the intense bass in the background only contributes to the chaos of the song.
The “Shameless” music video only adds to Cabello’s amazing artistry through these two singles. Many aspects of the video, including the flames and more aggressive interpretive dances, exemplify the internal chaos that is portrayed through the song itself. Listeners now not only hear the madness within the lyrics but see it too.
Additionally, the recent success of Cabello’s collaboration with Shawn Mendes, “Señorita,” arguably one of the biggest songs of the summer, has been a great sign for her career. Ever since her departure from Fifth Harmony, she has only been headed in the right direction, and these two new singles are a testament to exactly that.
Highlights gives “Liar” a 5/5 rating, and “Shameless” a 4.5/5. Both singles are available on Spotify and Apple Music.