‘BROCKHAMPTON’ makes impressive comeback with ‘Ginger’


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Candice Anvari staff writer
After releasing three albums in 2017, BROCKHAMPTON went on hiatus, but on Aug. 23, 2019, they released an oasis of music, putting an end to their dry spell.  BROCKHAMPTON’s new album, “Ginger,” is without a doubt their best album. 
The group went through issues last year, which consequently changed their sound and work. Ameer Vann was kicked out of the group, almost a year before “Ginger was released, after being accused of sexual manipulation and abuse. Once the group navigated through the lack of one less voice, they made an amazing comeback that outshined their previous albums. 
The album started out with the song “NO HALO.” The song encaptured the flaws that all human beings possess and relayed the message that flaws shouldn’t be an obstacle in living life to its greatest extent. The background guitar was a unique artistic decision in adding a soft, timid element to the rapid rap. The song was a perfect way to open up the album, as it embraced their new sound, rather than beginning with a loud, hyped sound as they did in their previous albums. 
“SUGAR” was the second best song on the album. The chorus was beautiful and catchy. The tune is a love song that touched hearts with its deep lyrics about wanting and needing just one person and going anywhere to find that person. The tone of the song is hopeful but balanced nicely with a melancholy undertone. The song is unforgettable in both its message and how the message was expressed. 
The only song that didn’t stand out as much as the others was “HEAVEN BELONGS TO YOU” due to lack of diverse rhythm changes throughout the song. The lyrics of the track were tuned out by the loud, consistent background noise which seemed to take away from the message of the song. Although it didn’t flow into the album as well as the other songs, “HEAVEN BELONGS TO YOU” still fell into BROCKHAMPTON’s new vibe. 
Out of all the songs in the album, “I BEEN BORN AGAIN” is the best song by a long shot. The track was produced with a unique incentive for the background rhythm that flowed in perfect harmony with the lyrics. The song began with a whisper and then played out into a memorable, upbeat sound that is only particular to Brockhampton. The message of the song was meaningful in expressing the group’s new level of fame and success. The track embodies the next chapter their group will face. 
Overall, “Ginger” was a remarkable album that created a monumental step for Brockhampton’s new sound and style. The album could be listened to at any time of the day with any type of mood. 
Highlights would rate this album a 4.5/5.