Summer Walker releases fantastic debut album



Candice Anvari staff writer 
Eight months after her hit single “Girls Need Love,” featuring Drake, Summer Walker released her debut album “Over It.” The singer did not hold back creating her excellent opus. The album encompasses her unique personality to the point where it’s hard not to fall in love with her lyrics.
Walker is an R&B singer from Atlanta, Georgia who rose to stardom through the release of her songs: “Session 32,” “CPR,” “Deep” and “Girls Need Love.” Before her debut album was released on October 4, 2019, she released her song “Playing Games,” which served as a fantastic prelude for what was to come in her album. 
The album started out with the song “Over It.” The song created a perfect introduction that set the tone for the rest of the album. The fluid lyrics emphasized independence and letting go of people who only spread negativity. The track made it clear that the album would preach strength and self-sufficiency. It was the best possible way to set a tone straight from the beginning. 
“Playing Games” with Bryson Tiller was the second-best song on the album. The background beat corresponded fluidly with the lyrics throughout the whole song, making no section overshadow another. Walker’s vocals were astounding throughout the whole song and her collaboration with Tiller worked especially well for the song. Walker’s feeling of confusion toward men and their unclear actions made for a vividly relatable appeal that’s taken from the message of the song. She didn’t hesitate to say what’s on her mind and for that reason she expressed what is going through the minds of many people in one song. 
The only song that did not flow as well as the other songs was “Body.” The song was still decently produced, but it sounded too repetitive and the message was not as clear as it was in the other tracks. The song itself was a bit too breathy and the song’s message was lost in the nagging attitude it was giving off. If Walker chose to put in more lyrics, rather than elongated sentences, the song would’ve sounded more powerful.  Even though the track was not the best in the album, Walker’s voice, nevertheless, shined through. 
“Girls Need Love” with Drake was by far the best song on the album. Even though it came out before the release of the album, the song sounded the best in comparison to all the other tracks. The song created a feel good vibe and it can never be overplayed. If someone is having a bad day and listens to this song, there is a good chance their mood can be lifted. Drake’s and Walker’s voices have an impeccable dynamic when put together, and for that reason, the song shined the brightest.   
“Over It” was a great debut album that can only improve Walker’s career and spread the tone she set in her album. Her album is perfect for any mood, any time, any place and it will continue to sound amazing no matter how many times it’s played. 
Highlights would rate this album a 4.5/5.