Banned Books month raises awareness about literary controversies


Photo of Banned Books Month display courtesy of Carolynne Dyner


Leia Gluckman staff writer

The library is hosting its fourth annual Banned Books month to celebrate the month of October and raise awareness of literary controversies around the globe.
From October 2 to October 28 the library is providing students an opportunity to “reflect on why, where and how people censor books,” head librarian Daniel Bradford said.
Students will be able to check out books from a display in the library highlighting an assortment from popular to lesser known novels that have been banned in multiple countries for a variety of reasons.
“I like it when people come in and discover that books have been challenged or banned,” Bradford said.
Students are “amazed” at the number of popular books ranging from Harry Potter to The Lorax, Bradford said.
Senior Addie Hasson, who volunteers in the library, noted that books are banned for a variety of reasons such as, religious contradiction, mentions of contraband, and fears of other financial consequences.
“A lot of the books we read in English classes are actually banned books, which I find very interesting,” Hasson said. “A lot of books are banned for completely ridiculous reasons.”
Library technician Carolynne Dyner said “we did a really good job” regarding this year’s display.
“[Banned books month] brings kind of awareness to the controversy around,” Dyner said. “It brings awareness to why people might want to ban books in the first place and that the books are banned for different reasons all around the world.”
“[Banned Books month is] exciting,” Hasson said. “[It helps to reaffirm] our ability to stand up for our freedom of speech and our freedom to read whatever we want, even though authority figures think it’s controversial.”