Boys Water Polo season ends with successes for some


Team photo of boys JV waterpolo, courtesy of Ayla Su


Leia Gluckman staff writer

Photo of varsity water polo boys courtesy of Ayla Su

Wins in scores and in team spirit, the boys’ water polo season season came to a close this past Wednesday, October 30.
The junior varsity team is going out with a bang: winning eight out of the 10 games played this season, sophomore JV co-captain Julien Collet is glad the team did “really well” and is looking forward to more wins in the future, he said.
JV sophomore co-captain Aidan Dayani is excited about working with this year’s freshmen.
“I took it [upon] myself that I would have to teach these incoming freshmen a lot of responsibilities about being on a team like water polo,” Dayani said.
Reflecting on JV wins this season, Dayani is looking forward to continuing to educate and get to know the freshmen.
“I am very happy with the way our season went. I feel like there’s always room for improvement, but this season we did a lot better than I expected,” Dayani said. “I’m very proud of our JV team.
Despite the success of the JV team, the varsity team didn’t see as many wins this season.
“Overall, the season wasn’t great for us,” varsity player and senior Justin Wolfe said. With thirteen games played this season, the varsity boys only won one.
But winning isn’t everything for the varsity players; the team dynamic is so much more than the competition.
“I’m going to miss the people the most. These people have made water polo the experience that it is for me,” Wolfe said.
As seniors, co-captains Michael Ben-Yakov and Ryan Javidzad both were proud of the close bond shared by the team members this year.
”It’s probably one of the seasons where I got to pull the most speedos and overall score the most goals,” Ben-Yakov said, “[Our team] did a great job.”
“We had a great year,” Javidzad said, “We, unfortunately, did not have as many wins, but we learned a lot from this year.”
While the boys varsity team didn’t have a successful season, Ben-Yakov “hope[s] that all the juniors and sophomores and freshmen learn from [his] great leadership.”
Despite missing the seniors, next year’s players will certainly have is a stronger sense of what it means to be a team and be ready to play together once again.
Javidzad looks forward to seeing next year’s team “come back way stronger.”