“Imaginary Invalid” performed as comedic fall play



Emma Newman staff writer
“Imaginary Invalid,” which took place at the Horace Mann auditorium, showcased several unique storylines that interacted  in a 17th century setting. The show, performed on Nov. 14, 15, and 16, highlighted both its humorous and romantic scenes. 
One of the largest storylines followed the main character,  Argon’s, journey through a false diagnosis. Throughout the play, Argon, played by senior Carter Vickers, met with several fake doctors who tried to cure him of a non-existent illness. One of these doctors was Fleurant, played by junior Gabriel Green.
“He’s very laid back in a half-asleep way [while also being] on the edge of being crazy,” Green said. 
In addition to having bad doctors, Argon also has two daughters. The character arranged for his youngest daughter Angelique, played by senior Itati Rondon, to marry a man she didn’t love. The other daughter, Louison, played by senior Ciara McCarthy, is considered unfit for an arranged marriage by her father. 
Argon’s wife, Beline, played by junior Noa Brenner, attempts to steal Argon’s money throughout the show. She worked with lawyer De Bonnefoi, played by Parsa Farnad, to achieve this.
 Meanwhile, multiple characters worked to make sure every character got a happy ending, including Toinette, played by junior Jasmine Singer, Beralde, played by Joshua Tracy, and Guy, played by sophomore Miles Platt. 
Platt uses sign language alongside his fellow actor Singer throughout the run of the show. 
“I have a lot of lines that have to be said in sign language, so I had to learn quite a bit of sign language to be able to do this,” Platt said. 
To see photos from the event, click on the photo slideshow below.