Broadway Night showcases different theatrical pieces



Emma Newman staff writer 
Broadway Night, a performance  consisting of 24 different songs, scenes and dance numbers, was performed on Dec. 5 at the Saban Theater. The night did not just consist of singing and dancing, though; there was also a silent auction, free food and a live auction to win special tickets to either a Jimmy Kimmel After Party or a tour of DC studios. 
The performance, previously held at the Salter Theater, was directed by senior Rebekah Sheff. 
As the director of the production, Sheff organized each number and chose the opening and closing numbers. In addition, she performed a solo of “Maybe I Like It This Way” from the play “Wild Party” and a duet of “Seventeen” from “Heathers” alongside senior Seena Khoshbin. 
“I picked the duet with Seena because I’ve always wanted to do this song with someone, and I thought it was the perfect time” Sheff said. “My solo is the one I use for college auditions too.”
In addition to Sheff’s songs, a variety of different numbers were showcased at Broadway Night. Some were well-known, like “Only Us” from “Dear Evan Hanson,”which was performed by sophomores Emma Maurer and Eli Okum. Others were more abstract, like a scene titled “The Unicorn in the Garden” from “A Thunder Carnival,” which starred sophomores Stephanie Ortiz, Myles Smith and Jeremy Stuart. 
However, Sheff was not involved in these technical aspects. Instead, she focused solely on the student aspect of this production. 
“I’m seeing kids who I know have the talent to be showcased actually be given the opportunity to do it,” Sheff said. 
With the vast number of Drama Lab and Theater Art Workshop (TAW) students who participated in this production, there were not many pieces where the entire cast was involved.  Only two performances, the opening song “Hard Knock Life” from “Annie” and the closing number, “I Got You” from “Bring it On,” had all of the ensemble was present onstage. 
 For senior Trevor Dohm, those two pieces  were the best part of putting on the production. 
“My favorite part of the show has been working with everyone in the opening and closing,” Dohm said. “It’s so fun to do an entire group number with each other.”