Spring sports canceled due to COVID-19 until further notice


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Emma Newman staff writer 
All spring sports have been canceled and will likely not resume until next year in order to curb the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). 
The golf, boys and girls lacrosse, baseball, softball, swimming, tennis, boys volleyball and track teams have all suspended practices and canceled all games/matches that would have occurred prior to April 19 in concurrence with Governor. Gavin Newsom’s shelter in place order.  Tim Ellis, the director of district athletics, did not immediately respond to Highlights’ request for a comment. 
Sophomore Defne Onal is upset about the cancellation of sports, particularly because her team, girls lacrosse, is primarily composed of freshmen who are “not that experienced.”
“We kind of need more practice with schools [that are] not the best schools, but are better than us so they kind of get what’s happening,” Onal said. “Those games got canceled.” 
She recognizes that her team does not completely share her unhappiness, though, and many of her teammates actually were happy that the season was cancelled. 
“Honestly, some [members of the team] were kind of relieved,” Onal said. “I think it’s just because our group is varsity and there aren’t enough senior players for an actual varsity team, so there’s no junior team, which most people need to be on.” 
Sophomore Eli Ramer, a player on the boys JV tennis team, knows some team members who are disappointed that they won’t be able to play, even though they know it is necessary. 
“I know that a lot of them were bummed that we wouldn’t get to play more than we did, but they all know that it’s for the best for their health and other teams’ health,” Ramer said. 
Ella Cox, a sophomore on the varsity softball team, is unhappy about not being able to play because she believed that the team would be successful. This is why her team was, “devastated by the news,” she said. 
“We were all very sad because we had been practicing since about the end of December and we were all really looking forward to having another great season and going to CIF again this year,” Cox said. 
Cox’s team is continuing to prepare at home despite the fact that the season is canceled. In addition to doing independent workouts, the team is staying in contact through Zoom calls, which are group video chats.  
Ramer also thinks that his tennis teammates should continue to practice individually [and in compliance with safety measures], as long as parks are still open. His coach also wants the team to continue their work. 
Ultimately, Ramer thinks that even though he can’t play for the team this season, stopping sports games was ultimately the right decision. 
“I thought it was a good idea [to stop sports],” Ramer said. “Because [of] everything else going on, taking every precautionary measure we could is probably the best course of action.”