KBEV produces videos at-home in the absence of school setting 



Emma Newman staff writer
As KBEV adjusts to the stay-at-home order, students are now writing, filming and editing the Norman News broadcast from their homes on a new segment titled the “At Home Edition.”
Producer junior Ricky Lee and media director Romeo Carey had the last-minute idea to start filming these newly formatted videos when school closed. Carey did not immediately reply to a request for a comment. 
“It was just a sudden decision because…all of a sudden, [the school] said that we’re not going back, so we had to find a plan B for our news,” Lee said. “Norman News is the longest running high school [weekly] news show and we did not want to break our record.” 
These new videos vary from the normal Norman News because of their setting and because of their content. As a result of COVID-19, anchors like lead anchor junior Jonah Danesh have changed the focus of their videos. 
“Anchors, who usually write about movies, makeup, technology and many other topics have now shifted to incorporating the impact of the coronavirus on their topics,” Danesh said via text. 
Although the new videos are an adjustment, Danesh thinks that the team has handled the transition well. 
“Every anchor has continued sending in high-quality, new content that has been written thoughtfully,” Danesh said.  “Anchors have also been sending in their videos on time with high quality videography and lighting.”
However, according to Lee, the videos are not without their flaws. In order to perfect the videos, he thinks that they need to be more organized. 
“Organization is key, and that’s what I’m pretty much focusing on right now,” Lee said. “Organization is the only thing that is holding us back.” 
While the videos may be different, Lee thinks most of the work that the KBEV team does is very similar to usual. 
“We’re asking everyone to do their jobs, just at home,” Lee said. “It’s just a different format of communication. But, ultimately,  we are all playing the same role as we do at the media center.”