College center hosts weekly question-and-answer sessions



Emma Newman staff writer
To keep students updated about college-related information, college counselor Casey Rowley is now hosting live Q&As every Friday at 12:15 p.m.
Rowley hosts these sessions as a way to share the latest information about standardized testing and colleges. She also answers all questions that students and families have about the new information.
Rowley started these sessions as a way to help students deal with the constant influx of new information caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, which she thinks can be “overwhelming.”
Instead of doing individual sessions, Rowley’s Zoom Q&As usually have 40 to 50 students in attendance because she wants to make it as convenient as possible for students and parents.
“[I] have one place once a week where [you have] the news that’s important for families to know and then put it at a consistent time or a consistent platform so it doesn’t feel overwhelming,” Rowley said.
The sessions, which have an even number of students and parents, are also a way for people to stay in contact while the stay-at-home order is in place.
“It also helps at a time where we are not able to be face-to-face in the school setting, getting to know each other [as] a friendly face,” Rowley said. “If you’re a younger student wanting to get to know me as a counselor, that’s also a really good space.”
However, the main reason that Rowley holds the sessions is so students can have all the information they need about college updates.
“If you’re a student and you’re wanting to stay up-to-date…and also just get the information that’s affecting timelines and deadlines, [this is] the best way possible,” Rowley said. “I think it can be easy to set a reminder and log in on Fridays, rather than feel like…you’re getting flooded with emails and a lot of information.”
To attend the next session, click this link on Fridays at 12:15: