Graduation to take place virtually, in small groups



Catherine Gagulashvili co-editor-in-chief

The BHUSD issued a short video today, in which Superintendent Dr. Michael Bregy spoke on plans for graduation. 
As of today, BHHS is scheduled to have a two-day long celebration, with a virtual senior sunset taking place on June 3  at 7 p.m., a live-streamed graduation video on June 4 at 9 a.m. and a diploma drive on June 4 at 11 a.m. Graduating seniors will be sectioned into groups of five and given a time frame to drive through the parking lot and onto Heath Ave. where they will be able to receive their diploma and have a professional photo in their cap and gown taken with Mr. Mead, six-feet apart.
“Challenging times call for unique opportunities,” Bregy said in the video. “I’m very excited to share with you that we are able to keep our commitment in honoring and celebrating students’ success for our high school seniors and their graduation, our eighth-grade middle school students and their graduation and promotions for our fifth graders.”
The district will be in further communication with the community about details as they are decided. Senior Ava Dillard expressed her appreciation for a graduation, given the impact of COVID-19.
“I think it’s great that the school worked out a way for us to still have an in-person graduation, even though it’s not what it normally would be,” she said. “It may be different, but I think it’ll be a great story to tell in the future!”