Quarantine sets stage for new activities, findings


Catherine Gagulashvili co-editor-in-chief
Leia Gluckman staff writer
Candice Anvari staff writer
With the stay-at-home order dragging on, each day can get repetitive. So, Highlights has compiled a list of TV shows, movies,  music, books and workouts to try during your quarantine. 
TV Shows:
“Love is Blind” 
“Love is Blind” is a Netflix reality TV show in which a social experiment tests men and women to see if they can fall in love without ever seeing one another. The show is incredibly enticing and easy to get lost in because of its uniqueness. The way that it makes a person’s beauty insignificant to a person’s personality is refreshing because many reality TV shows, such as “The Bachelor,” make beauty seem like one of the most important factors.  
Highlights gives “Love is Blind” a 7/10.
“Grey’s Anatomy” 
“Grey’s Anatomy” is by far the best TV show on Netflix, but it originally aired on ABC. The show follows Meredith Grey, played by Ellen Pompeo, throughout her experience working in Seattle Grace Hospital. Meredith Grey is a unique character who develops immensely throughout the duration of the show. Each episode has the perfect balance of drama, seriousness and humor. Some seasons can be emotionally exhausting because of the fantastic storyline that never has a mundane moment. Starting the show is a commitment because of its length, but it’s worth every second.
Highlights gives “Grey’s Anatomy an 8/10. 
 “Gilmore Girls”
“Gilmore Girls” is arguably one of the best TV shows of all time. It follows the story of a mother, Lorelei (Lauren Graham), and her daughter, Rory (Alexis Bledel), as they navigate high school, college, relationships and family in a small town called Stars Hollow, Connecticut. Lorelai’s quick wit and scrappiness coupled with Rory’s endearing and book wormy nature make the show an entertaining and enjoyable watch.
Highlights gives “Gilmore Girls” a 10/10.
New to Netflix, “Outerbanks” is a series about a group of teenagers from the poorer neighborhood of the Outerbanks. The show follows John B., played by Chase Stokes, a character who’s living alone following the disappearance of his father, and his friends’ conflicts with the richer teenagers on the island. The series starts off slow, giving the impression of a dwindling narrative that only focuses on class differences and clashes. As the show progresses, however, it delves into John’s father’s disappearance and the eerie involvement of those on the island. The show, while cheesy and predictable at times, picks up as it progresses, leaving you on the edge of your seat. Only 10 episodes long, it is the quintessential Netflix binge.
Highlights gives Outerbanks a 7/10.
“Casablanca” is an all-time classic set during World War II. The movie takes place in a small city in Morocco and is a timeless story between a married woman and a selfless and emotionally wounded man who both must sacrifice love for higher purposes. “Casablanca”’s exploration of reckless love and the attempts of people to unwind in wartime are thought-provoking but not heavy and invasive enough to ruin a day.
Highlights gives “Casablanca” a 9/10.
After Hours by the Weeknd
The Weeknd’s newest album, After Hours, exceeded fans’ expectations upon its release in late March. With anticipation high following the release of his single, “Blinding Lights”, The Weeknd did not disappoint with the release of this album. With incredibly heartfelt songs, like “Snowchild” and “Faith”, The Weeknd creates a sorrowful ambiance throughout the entirety of his album. On the other hand, he introduces upbeat songs, like “Heartless,” that allow the album to flow smoothly and keep it from getting repetitive. Ultimately, the Weeknd stays true to R&B, while also diversifying the beats and flow from song to song. 
Highlights gives “After Hours” a 10/10.
Lover by Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift’s new album, Lover, is one of her best albums to date. Songs like “Paper Rings,” “Cornelia Street” and “Lover” are the definition of pop music at its greatest. In songs like “The Man,” Swift ties personal experiences into the lyrics which listeners can learn more about in the Netflix documentary “Miss Americana.” Catchy and entertaining, the album serves as great background music for any activity.
Highlights gives “Lover” a  9/10.
Anna Karenina: Leo Tolstoy
Often said to be the best book ever written, Anna Karenina is a 976-page book on true love and a fight for romance. Despite having a husband and child, Anna pursues Count Vronsky. While she finds love, a nobleman, Constantine Levin, struggles with thoughts of suicide and finding the meaning of life. Anna Karenina is a novel of social realism in Russia that serves as a great addition to any library.
Highlights gives “Anna Karenina” a 9/10.
Little Women: Louisa May Alcott
Little Women is a story that is relatable to almost anyone. It is a story of four sisters and their lives of creativity, work, charity and love — both sisterly and romantically — and their struggles with poverty and sickness in wartime. A reader can find themselves in almost any of the characters, whether it be a sister, a parent or a friend. Little Women is a knock on the door from reality and a reminder that reality spurs creativity at any point in life.
Highlights gives “Little Women” a 10/10.
Chloe Ting workouts
With most gyms and parks closed as a result of quarantine, working out is now more limited. Many YouTubers have jumped to create workout tutorials for the public. Chloe Ting has created a free two-week shred program to help people stay active. Daily workouts include anywhere from two to four 15-minute videos. Her program includes 12 active days and two rest days. Her videos are diversified and get you to break a sweat. While some of her exercises get repetitive (namely up-and-down plank), her workout program is designed to help you stay in shape during this time. 
Highlights gives Chloe Ting’s Two Week Shred an 8/10.