Beverly opens first backgammon club


Jessica Saadian, staff writer
Seniors Elisha Sameyah and Imanouel Tsimchi founded the first backgammon club at Beverly. With 11 members attending meetings, students are able to socialize and relax while playing a game of backgammon. Students who have trouble playing the game can observe other members play and learn how to strengthen their backgammon skills along the way.
“All throughout my very Persian affiliated childhood, my family and friends would always play it. I always enjoyed the game [so I thought it would be smart to hold a club for people who wanted to play or that wanted to learn to play,” Sameyah said.
The biggest problem the club has is providing backgammon boards. Sameyah, other members of the club and math teacher Leonard Mitchell provide boards, but it is not enough for the group of students who attend. Since one board only sits two people, students have to wait until it is their turn.
“Sadly, we don’t have many sources to get backgammon boards besides from our members. If we enter tournaments with a cash reward for the winner, hopefully we will win and definitely use the reward to buy more boards,” Sameyah said.
According to senior Ariel Miles, backgammon helps him escape his stress and enjoy his time with his friends. His favorite aspect of the game is being able to strategize his next moves and then end up receiving something unexpected.
“The joy I find in backgammon is being able to turn constant unlucky rolls into a victory, putting my opponent to shame,” Sameyah said. “And it’s fun in general because of the competitive feel staring at your opponent who’s only about two feet away from you and that the game can completely change with one roll of the dice.”
Backgammon club meets every Monday at lunch in room S-212. As of right now, no backgammon competitions are being held, but if the number of students escalates, it may be a possibility.
Besides playing backgammon, Sameyah and Tsimchi would like to teach their members other Persian games, such as the card game Hokh’m.
More information about clubs is available here