Chloe Ting’s fitness program shows successful results physically, mentally


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Candice Anvari staff writer
From the dreadful jumping jack planks to the relieving heel touches, Chloe Ting’s two-week shred is effective, to say the least. Ting’s workouts are repetitive, but they do an excellent job in creating physical and emotional strength throughout this quarantine.  
Ting’s blog is full of free workout programs that are customized for different purposes. Her two-week shred is a full body workout program, but she has other programs that just workout the legs, arms or stomach. Ting’s workouts can be done in any place and at any time because they don’t take up too much space.
The workouts tend to be incredibly repetitive, so it’s easy to get bored of going through the motions; but, sticking to the repetitive workouts proved to be more beneficial for me. On my first day of the two week shred, I was heaving for air by the end of the two workout videos. As I came toward the end of my first week, I noticed how much easier the workouts were becoming for me. On day 10, I started to see some results. I began feeling stronger and I became more motivated to continue a healthy and productive lifestyle. 
Before I started the workout program, quarantine put me in a slump. Starting Ting’s fitness program was one of the best things I could do for myself physically. The workouts are not tremendously long; they took up about 45 to 55 minutes of my day. The length of the workout kept me from quitting because it wasn’t hard to section a small chunk of my day to exercise. Now that the two-week shred is over, I want to begin a new workout program devised by Ting so I can continue building on the progress I made throughout the two-week shred. 
Throughout the program, I noticed that my mood was affected positively. Before starting the program, I became stressed easily. Working out on a daily basis allowed me to release some stress by giving me an outlet. I never thought I’d enjoy working out. Whenever someone would tell me how much they missed going to the gym, I would be clouded with confusion; but now I understand the perks of exercising regularly. I feel completely refreshed and energized every time I workout with one of Ting’s fitness videos. The fitness program is a perfect way to pass time while in quarantine. It helped me alleviate some of my boredom and it provided me with an outlet to release any worries that came to mind. I didn’t get shredded, but my physique was definitely more toned by the end of the program.  
The program is perfect for those who need something to do and for those who feel like they haven’t been active throughout this quarantine. 
Highlights gives Ting’s two-week shred a 4/5.