Homecoming concert excites student body


Brenda Mehdian, staff writer

 Students anxiously sat on the railings of the Swim-Gym’s basketball court, waiting in anticipation for the long awaited post-Homecoming concert. Once rules were announced, students from all sides of the gym poured onto the court and began dancing to the remixes of DJ Cole Plante.

“I definitely think that everyone running onto the court was one of the highlights of the concert,” senior Jessica Bina said. “The energy everyone had was amazing so we all just played off of one another’s vibe.”

After the football team’s win against Hawthorne High School, students packed into the Swim-Gym to celebrate the victory.
“Having the concert was the best way to finish the night. Everyone was already pumped from winning the game so there really good energy coming from everyone at the concert,” junior Rebecca Nourafshan said.
ASB, along with the assistance of Maintenance, covered the basketball court with a silver tarp in order to protect the floor from damage. Members of ASB guarded the edges of the court to make sure that no one would be able to damage the uncovered areas of the gym floor.
After set-up was completed, Plante was in the zone and ready to perform.
“I just felt pumped and full of energy and any bit of tiredness was overshadowed by adrenaline. The main thing going through my head was ‘Let’s make this a night to remember.’ I didn’t just want this to be another school dance,” Plante said.
Beginning at approximately 9:30 p.m. and continuing until about 11:00 p.m., the concert applied normal school rules and attendees were required to wear rubber soles shoes. The court was filled with students, jumping and dancing to the remixes.
“The whole time that I was there, the court was completely packed with people. Everyone was jumping around and at one point I actually thought the floor was moving up and down as the crowd was jumping. It seemed like everyone was having an awesome time,” Nourafshan said.

Students enjoyed the music provided by Plante.

“Cole was such a good DJ, I usually get bored after a while but he was constantly putting on new beats that kept the crowd on their feet,” junior Simon Hedvat said.

ASB had been brainstorming  ways to make this year’s homecoming more exciting.

“The goal was to make homecoming something beyond a tailgate and football game,” junior ASB member Daniel Kahn said. “We wanted to really make this the best and most exciting homecoming in a long time.”

According to Kahn, the concert went as planned and as for now it is not clear whether or not there will be another concert next year.