Recipe of the Month: How to Make Cornbread 



Emma Newman staff writer
Candice Anvari staff writer
Since the Coronavirus outbreak, people have not been able to attend restaurants often in order to keep safe. As a result, many have chosen a different way to eat: by making food themselves. 
One popular, easily-made homemade dish that people can make that captures the essence of fall is cornbread. Betty Crocker’s recipe for cornbread is wonderful at achieving the southern essence of the dish, and can be  even better with a portion of homemade honey butter
While the honey butter is easy to make, the cornbread recipe can be a bit complicated at the beginning. It calls for melted butter to be mixed into an egg and milk mixture, which will inevitably result in the butter hardening. If this seems like it’s counter-intuitive, that’s okay. The hardening butter will not ruin your batch. 
Once the cornmeal, the flour and the sugar are mixed in with the liquids, the solid butter fades away until it becomes completely unnoticeable. With a bit of baking powder and salt, the cornbread is ready to bake. 
Instead of simply waiting for the cornbread to bake, the 25 minute waiting period is perfect for taking your cornbread to the next level by making honey butter. The butter will seem like it calls for too much sugar, with ingredients of powdered sugar and honey, but the end result is the ideal combination of sweet and salty. 
Once the cornbread is done, it should be served warm with the honey butter. Together, the dish is equally sweet and savory in the best possible way. 
 Both the honey butter recipe and the cornbread recipe are extremely quick and easy to follow for a fun fall treat. 
Watch this video to see how to make it: