Music Club creates community among students through diverse music tastes



Karely Molina Martinez staff writer
Combining music tastes can be make-or-break: songs come together in a beautiful melody, or crash like Nirvana smashing their instruments. For students in the Music Club, it creates a community in which their bonds are centered around different genres.
Junior Miles Platt created Music Club as a way for students to interact with each other through their music taste and album favorites. However, after his first year’s experience with the club, he realized the importance of creating a club based on the community rather than the individual. 
“I really wanted to make sure that it was community based, so people feel like they’re being represented,” Platt said. “It’s also cool, I think, because it allows everybody else who’s in the club to get a feel for what everybody else’s tastes are.” 
Music Club allows students to feel included and able to come together to talk about their music interests.
“It provides a real sense of community for people,” Platt said. “I never really felt like for music, there was a real sense of community. Sure,  there was theater and choir and other arts-oriented classes but there [are] no groups for people who just want to enjoy all types of music together and talk about it.”
 As more students join, paying attention to their taste in music keeps members involved. 
“If more people join, then I’ll probably do a lot more, it takes a lot more effort to curate to people’s taste rather than seven or eight people,” Platt said.
By taking note of students’ tastes, Music Club allows members to inspire others with their favorite music and come together as a community. 
“I definitely think that music can strengthen bonds between people, whether you’re talking about different tastes or bonding over a similar artist that you both like, it’s cool. Music can bring people together,” he said. 
Although everyone has their own individual style of music, through the incorporation of diverse styles by Music Club, students discover new artists, genres, or songs. 
“I think while you do have your main crowd…it’s really good to represent all types of demographics when it comes to music because like I said, music is very subjective,” Platt said. “While you do have the things that you do have in common with people, taste wise, there’s always music that’s out there that you’d never known that you would have liked.” 
Check out Music Clubs’ playlist on Spotify, which was composed from a collection of the club members favorite albums, songs and artists.