ASB hosts first Milk and Cookies event



Candice Anvari staff writer
Participants smiled from ear to ear as they prepared their cookies during ASB’s first Milk and Cookies event on Sept. 4. The event took place via Zoom, where participants collectively made cookies from scratch. 
Throughout the event, ASB asked students random trivia questions, played music and encouraged students to share their progress. The participants were asked to post a picture of their cookies on their Instagram accounts so ASB could decide on a winner. According to ASB head row president senior Nahal Sarafian, the purpose of the event was to add an element of “togetherness” during these unprecedented times. 
Sarafian believed the best aspect of the event was being able to see her peers in a more “casual” setting. 
“I think making the cookies was really fun, but just the fact that we were all able to see each other and do something together in a weird way was my favorite part of the event,” Sarafian said. “We were so far apart, but we were together in what we were doing and everyone was able to contribute to the experience.” 
ASB decided to incorporate trivia questions throughout the event to encourage interaction with the participants. 
“On the spot, we decided to do trivia questions because it gave participants the opportunity to answer some fun, random questions. In our next event, we’re going to pick the trivia questions ahead of time and give them a theme,” Sarafian said. 
Toward the end of the event, it was announced that senior Esther Goldberg won the cookie competition. Goldberg “loved” the event and all it had to offer. 
“I loved making my cookies and it was a great way to get off the screens. I thought it was very well organized and I loved eating the cookies afterwards,” Goldberg said. “It was a little harder to have conversations with people because it was virtual, but I still had a lot of fun.”  
Similar to Goldberg, ASB advisor Nick Henggeler believed the event was a “success.”
“Students were participating, socializing and having fun,” Henggeler said. “This event set the tone for the school year and there’s nowhere to go from here but up.” 
If students are interested in attending future virtual ASB events, they can look out for emails from Hengeller, they can text @ASBBHHS to 810-10 to join the ASB Remind or they can follow the ASB Instagram account.