Students get creative with iOS 14 update, share opinions



Marilyn Palacios staff writer 
Getting creative with the iPhone Home Screen is available with the newly launched iOS 14 update, which was released by Apple on Sep. 16. 
Junior Stephanie Morales, updated her phone recently and has gotten the chance to see what the talk is all about. 
“I saw people on Tik Tok posting about all the new cool things they could do, and I was really interested in it, but I didn’t know if I should update because I thought ‘What if my phone glitched?’” Morales said. “One of my friends told me it’s fine, so I downloaded it.” 
Morales thought the new call update is easier because it doesn’t take up the whole screen.
“Say you’re on an app, and someone calls you. The call won’t take up the entire page, it’s on the top but you can still do activities, I like that,” Morales said. “I think it’s better because sometimes I don’t want to answer so I kind of just continue on doing whatever I was doing before.”
Morales added her own touch to the phone, using widgets and creating a theme for her home screen.
“I really like how you can add widgets. Widgets are little pictures you can put on your homepage. I decorated my entire phone with an anime theme which I thought was cute. It gave my phone a little bit of bedazzle,” she said.
 Not only has  iOS 14 provided a more creative way to use technology, but it includes many safety innovations. According to Apple’s website, “A new setting lets you choose to share your approximate location, rather than your precise location, with an app.” This allows users to know when and what app uses their location. 
Junior Juha Kim, thinks the new ability to be creative is “cool,” but the security feature caught her attention more.
“I like how on the top of the phone there’s dots that represent if your camera, mic or location have been used from a recent app, because now we can know if an app is tracking our location without letting us know,” Kim said “I really do like this update.”