Chamber for Charity now has Clarity


This picture is from their Instagram page, after they had completed a performance


Benji Maman staff writer
There are a group of teenagers that come to elderly people’s houses and play some original jazz music for them when their day needs to be brightened up. This is what Chamber for Charity does; they play music for people in retirement homes and local hospitals. 
Three years ago, the club began on campus and focused on playing a variety of musical genres from jazz to classical to pop. Now, however, the club’s usual operations have been suspended.
 “So far we’ve been holding meetings with our club members. We’ve been gaining more club members and just introducing them to what the club’s initiatives are,” programming director senior Aviva Gornick said. “We haven’t been starting any performances, but our future goals would be to hopefully have several different instrument groups perform a different set of songs, then have those recorded performances be sent out to nursing homes, local hospitals, and retirement homes that would need them and appreciate them.”
“In a normal year we’d go to nursing homes and physical rehab centers and we’d play music for them just to brighten up their day,” co-president senior Sam Wolf said. “But now, we’re going to be making videos individually and we will be putting them together and sending them off to nursing homes just so their days are a little less bleak because this is a really hard time for seniors.”
The goal of the club is to try to make people happy. It’s as simple as that. Wolf says it “sucks” that his club can’t operate like normal, but hopes the videos will be a “good substitute” for in-person concerts. 
 “I think it affects [the people Chamber for Charity plays for] a lot because life in those nursing homes can be pretty brutal and it can be pretty lonely,” Wolf said.”When you have events like this where people come in and you can talk to younger people who you might not see a lot since you are isolated in these homes, I’m sure it really brightens up their day.“