Josh Flagg gets interviewed by students


The meeting with Josh Flagg was held for students to find out more information about real estate. Photo courtesy of Yoni Kashanian


Lillian Esagoff staff writer 
For the past two years, the Real Estate Club co-presidents seniors Michael Newman and Yoni Kashanian have organized an annual presentation in which real estate agent and TV personality Josh Flagg speaks to the members of the club.
“We like to give everyone the opportunity to learn about real estate,” Newman said. 
After discussing multiple times with Flagg, they chose a date for him to make an appearance at their club meeting. Before Flagg’s speaking date, the club met a few times to prepare. 
“We had a few meetings with the members, but not with Josh Flagg,” Kashanian said. 
Flagg had to cancel both times that were arranged with Kashanian and Newman. 
“The first time was for a family emergency and also today he canceled because of a family emergency again,” Newman said.
Kashanian and Newman discussed postponing the meeting to a later date with Flagg’s manager, Claire Jenkins. 
“We are going to reschedule him again and it will happen,” Newman said.
Many members really wanted to join the interview when they found out Flagg was going to be a guest speaker. 
“Josh Flagg caught everyone’s eye,” Newman said. 
To communicate with the members of the club, Newman and Kashanian use the app Remind, which allows them to reach out to everyone when there is something important to share. In this case, they shared the news that the meeting with Flagg was cancelled. 
Approximately 95% of Real Estate Club members signed up to attend the interview with Josh Flagg, according to Newman
Flagg has a connection to Beverly, as he graduated with the class of 2004. 
Newman and Kashanian prepared a list of questions that they wanted to ask Flagg during the meeting. As the interview will only involve Flagg, Kashanian and Newman, members of the club will also submit their own questions that the club presidents will ask on their behalf.
The interview will be recorded in a way that only allows for members of the club to watch it.
Many of the members of the club didn’t expect to hear that the meeting was cancelled for a second time. Students were looking forward to this meeting, as well as other students from different schools through word of mouth that don’t go to Beverly Hills High School.
“People were disappointed when we told them the news, even other students from other schools were looking forward to it too,” Kashanian said.
When the interview happens with Flagg, Newman and Kashanian will be sure to share it.
“It will premiere in KBEV, YouTube, and on Spectrum TV,” Newman said.