Drama Lab performs with kids in Princess Projects


Sophomore Sydney Gasmer portrays Cinderella.


Emma Newman staff writer
Lillian Esagoff staff writer
Performing as Disney Princesses, actresses in Drama Lab performed with children from TK through third grade in the continuous Princess Projects. The students answered questions as their princesses, and they also taught the kids a short dance.
Eight students, who started participating in the Princess Projects at the end of September, got to choose their own princess roles and write the project themselves.
Sophomore Ariella Youssefyeh enjoyed working with the kids, who she says are “really cute.”
“I love it so much,” Youssefyeh said. “Sometimes they’ll turn on their microphones and say ‘Hi’ to us, so I really like it.”
Sophomore Sydney Gasmer also loved working with the younger students, particularly because she sees the joy that the kids get when watching the Princess Projects.
“I think they also really enjoy it because it’s something new in these crazy times,” Gasmer said.