Take It or Make It: How to make pumpkin cupcakes



Emma Newman staff writer
Candice Anvari staff writer
As Halloween approaches, many people will start eating–or making–desserts. One fun option to think about making this fall is pumpkin cupcakes. Using Beyond Frosting’s recipe, though, it could take more time and effort than it is worth. 
To start making the cupcakes, you first need to make the base, which took about an hour. The steps involved are not as tedious, and the recipe is fairly straightforward. The batter did not end up creating 24 cupcakes, instead amounting to 19. 
Making the frosting proved to be challenging. Even when following the recipe, the frosting will not turn out firm enough to swirl the frosting. Instead of piping out swirls of frosting, it is better to opt for simply frosting the cupcake with a knife. While it may not be as aesthetically pleasing, the other option is far more frustrating. In addition, it was an extremely lengthy process. 
After icing the cupcakes, there will be quite a bit of leftover frosting. To avoid this, it is better to make ⅓ less frosting than the recipe calls for.
The final result is a cupcake with a fall feel, incorporating a delicious mix of spice and pumpkin. The frosting is also tasty, although its sweetness can be a bit overpowering. Together, though, the flavors of the frosting and the cupcake, which tastes more like a muffin, seem to clash. In addition, the recipe took about three and a half hours to make. 
Watch a video on the recipe below: