Girls’ varsity tennis advance to second round of CIF


Dami Kim, social media director
Girls’ varsity tennis celebrated their first win of the team CIF season against Burbank High School on Oct. 31.
Although girls’ varsity tennis lost to Samo in their last Ocean League game on Oct. 9, the team placed second in league and was able to move on to CIF.
Junior Emily Dekhtyar felt relieved to know that the team was able to continue advancing in the CIF rounds.
“It felt so good when we saw the scores on the paper,” Dekhtyar said. “It was a close game but we certainly beat them with the score of 11-7!”
Girl’s varsity tennis also played in individual CIF rounds last week against Inglewood, Samo and Culver City. According to the team captain Allison Issacman, coach Mike Margolin chose five singles players and five doubles team to compete in the rounds.
Singles player Martina Bocchi and doubles team Katarina Stefonivich and Issacman made it to the second round of individual CIF match scheduled to be played in few weeks.
In the process, however, Issacman and Stefonivich had to play against a Beverly doubles team, junior Charlotte Franks and junior Miriam Binman, during the first round CIF semifinals.
“It was fun because it felt as if we were playing a practice game,” Issacman said. “But when it came down to the last minute, I realized that only one of us can win in order to advance forward. It felt weird being in that position.”
Issacman felt optimistic about competing in the upcoming CIF matches for the next few weeks.
“We just need to continue practicing with scrimmages and drills,” Issacman said. “Claremont is going to be a tough game, but I have confidence in my team.”
Their second CIF team match will be on Friday, Nov. 2 against Claremont High School.