Construction persists on BHUSD campuses despite school closure



Candice Anvari staff writer 
Karely Molina Martinez staff writer 
Construction on the BHHS and El Rodeo campus is still proceeding, despite the temporary physical closure of BHUSD schools. 
The B1 and B2 Modernization project progressed throughout Beverly’s physical closure in March, and is set to be completed by spring 2021. The B3 and B4 Modernization project is currently taking place simultaneously with the B1 and B2 project. The Oil Well Project is set for completion by summer 2021. Maintenance and Operations Director Ken Hass believes that improvements to the school were necessary. 
“We make sure we focus on projects that will support school programs and the overall student and staff experience,” Haas said.  

Map of the buildings that are currently under construction.

Regarding the B1/B2 Modernization, construction workers spread and compacted a base in preparation for paving on the West side of building B2. They re-barred and added a pan deck framing over the basement and poured the concrete flatwork for the entrance of building B2. In building B1, lockers, flooring and the doors in all the corridors and cafeteria were implemented, along with cosmetic improvements in the ceramics lab. 
For the B3/B4 project, construction workers removed the roof tiles, began repairs and continued the installation of the rebar cage in the lobby footing in building B3. In building B4, they continued trenching and installing sewer piping and began the demolition of the elevator. 
The Oil Well Plugging Project is the most far along, as the cementation of the well heads is currently in progress. 
Newly re-elected board member Noah Margo believes the construction program has been “running smoothly” in light of COVID-19. 
“We want the construction program to run like the Energizer Bunny. We do the job winding it up, so the program runs until it’s finished,” Margo said. “Right now, it’s going very successfully. In buildings B1 and B2, we even have lights on in the classrooms. We are down to that point where we have windows, lights and air conditioning. It is all very exciting.” 
Similarly, assistant principal Drew Stewart believes that construction has been moving “really well.” He believes that COVID-19 has helped move the process along. 
“COVID, if anything, has made it certainly, not behind schedule. [We are] cautiously optimistic we may even be moving ahead faster than we anticipated,” Stewart said. “The construction side of things is going really well.” 
Stay tuned for more updates as construction progresses.