Beverly on election day


Arman Zadeh, sports editor 
November 6, the day the entire country has been anticipating for months, has arrived. This Election Day, political fever reached a relative high here at Beverly as the school, much like the country, split between the Republican and Democratic parties.
Throughout the school, students excited to participate in the election missed classes as they either volunteered at the polls or went to vote themselves. Political excitement was also evident as Service Learning held a mock election at school, in which Obama won 61.6 percent to Romney’s 31.0 percent.
This is the first time in many students’ life times when they are able to understand and make an educated decision on important political positions, and many are taking advantage of it.
Throughout the Internet, students voice their opinions on social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and almost any other outlet one can think of.
This year, students are treated to a real nail-biter in the battle for the White House that only adds to their political passion. 2012 is a perfect storm for political awareness, which is evidently on the rise at Beverly.
“I never really was obsessive over national politics,” junior Josh Shirian said, “but after my friends and teachers started talking about it, I couldn’t help but get interested.”
Until polls close at the end of the night, students will surely be on the edge of their seats as Obama and Romney slowly creep towards 270 in the first election many have truly been involved in and, for some, have had a direct voice in.