Take it or Make it: How to make peppermint bark



Emma Newman staff writer
Candice Anvari staff writer 
As the holiday season comes around, there are many desserts to put you in the festive spirit. A fun dish that can be made in a few steps is peppermint bark. However, the Food Network’s peppermint bark recipe can be more stressful to make than it is worth. 
To make the tasty dish, the recipe calls for melting of the dark chocolate before melting the white chocolate. This proved to be the easiest part of the recipe, as the chocolate melted quickly and was easy to mix with peppermint extract. It also spread perfectly over tinfoil, creating a delicious base for the bark. 
After this step, the recipe became exceedingly more difficult. The directions failed to clarify that the candy cane should be crushed before the white chocolate is melted. In order to be successful, though, this preparation is advised. The easiest option for crushing is to use a food processor briefly. 
The next step is to melt the white chocolate. Take this step 10 minutes after the dark chocolate is spread; otherwise, the dark chocolate will not fully melt. This makes spreading the white chocolate messy and unattractive. Make sure you only melt the chocolate for the bare minimum, as too much heat can cause it to dry. 
Immediately after melting the chocolate and mixing it with the peppermint extract, the recipe says to spread the white chocolate as fast as possible. The white chocolate dries extremely quickly, so any delay will cause it to dry and be unspreadable. 
The last step is to hastily sprinkle the crushed peppermint over the chocolate. Then, it should only take about 45 minutes for the dish to dry. 
Making the recipe was challenging and time-sensitive, but the finished product was delicious and reminiscent of winter. 
Watch a video on the recipe below: