AP Literature students experience Hamlet live



Kevin Park, Staff Writer
AP Literature students from Dr. Steven Rubenstein and Krisha Deaver’s classes went on a field trip to the Broad Stage to experience “Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre: Hamlet” on Monday, Nov. 19.

With its goal to give each student access to world-class artists and performances that will transform and expand their understanding of the world, the Broad Stage offered Beverly and many other schools free tickets for students, giving students a unique opportunity to experience Shakespeare in person.
“Education & Outreach at The Broad Stage is a place for educators, artists and students to play and learn together. Experiencing and reacting to art is key to building and inspiring active, engaged citizens. All of our Education & Outreach activities are offered for free or low cost and engage over 10,000 participants annually,” Santa Monica College Performing Arts Center Education & Outreach Director Danika Burmester said.
According to Burmester, the Globe from England has been an extraordinary partner with the Broad Stage, performing the Merchant of Venice, Love Labor’s Lost, and Comedy of Errors in previous seasons. In addition to giving spectacular performances, the Globe actors often visit local classrooms and they give question and answer session after each student matinee performance.
“Interacting with students is high on their list of priorities. They realize that exploring the historical and literary contexts of a performance makes it a much more enjoyable experience for an audience member. This makes them a natural partner with The Broad Stage,” Burmester said.

 The Globe’s performance was breathtaking through the entire 143 minutes. Having live music comprised of various instruments, and crystal clear voices and emotional facial expressions of the actors, the performance was fully absorbed by the the audience. The authentic costumes and sets also delighted the audiences’ eyes. The director’s interpretations made the play more engaging and interactive for the audience, making it a unique experience. After the play, the Globe actors also provided a question and answer session, answering students’ questions about how they practiced and interpreted the play.
“The play was much funnier than I expected. I really enjoyed the play with somewhat more comical interpretations from the original Shakespeare. I think the performers did a great job,” senior Kendrick Ka said.

The Broad Stage hopes that students had a memorable personal experience.
“Some students walking through our doors have never seen a play before. For them, we hope that they’ll have a whole new world of live performance opened up for them. For other students, we hope they are inspired to perform themselves, learn new things about an art form, or become lifelong audience members,” Burmester said.
While the Broad Stage Artistic Director Dale Franzen is working on plans for next season, the Broad Stage, keeping the close relationship with Beverly, is keen to provide more opportunities for Beverly students in future.