Boys’ varsity soccer ties with Samo at scrimmage


Brenda Mehdian, staff writer
The scrimmage against Samo’s boys’ varsity soccer team remained scoreless on Nov. 20.

The team’s strategies included controlling the ball in order to control the game, staying defensively compact and constantly pushing toward Samos goal.Although the team had a plan in mind, they struggled to finish their chances.
“The biggest problem during the game was not being able to score when we had chances. In soccer you are not going to get many chances, so it is vital to capitalize when you get the chance. We also need to improve on our communication and possessions,” Khorshidi said.
According to stopper Daniel Kahn the team also needs to improve their spacing and defensive efforts from all the players on the field.

The team was unable to score throughout the game due to unfamiliarity with certain positions.

“I think no one was able to score because of the changes in formation and positions. Players were playing positions they’ve never played before so the team didn’t have enough time to build that vital chemistry,”  sweeper Golan Khorshidi said.
Although the team did not have any goals, they did in fact have some positive aspects to their lineup. Strengths included size and experience in their defense. Height from Luis Tejada and Rod Shayan, and veteran sweeper experience from Golan, proved to be a helpful combination in their defense.
The team is participating in a number of activities to help them build a winning team such as team bonding and team dinners hosted at houses of teammates.

“We are building a team of brothers and that chemistry will be seen on the field,” Khorshidi said.

Practices are two hours long and are held five times a week, Monday through Friday where players work on a wide range of skills from practicing set plays and shooting to improving their fitness.

“We practice very hard every day and condition months earlier for the season,” Kahn said.

The team’s goal is to win league for their late coach, Darren Davies.

“Coach always talked about not just being league champs but more. We are going to do everything to carry out all the hard work coach put in the program and hopefully bring back more than one championship,” Khorshidi said.

Their next game is on Jan. 9 gainst Hawthorne High School.