DIY duo gets crafty


Hirschinger (left) and Weissbuch (right) pose in their handmade costumes. Photo courtesy of Drew Hirschinger and Leah Weissbuch.

Julia Waldow, Print Centerfold Editor
The term DIY, or Do It Yourself, usually describes crafts, costumes, clothing and gifts.  For juniors Drew Hirschinger and Leah Weissbuch, DIY is more than just a saying or an action; it’s a lifestyle.
During the summer of 2011, Hirschinger and Weissbuch created their own YouTube channel, CraftDuJour, to post DIY craft videos that they film and edit.  Their videos teach viewers how to make decoupage vases, duct tape bracelets and decorated notebooks.
“We wanted a way to help others become more creative and expose everyone to a different way to express themselves,” Weissbuch said.
Hirschinger agrees that the duo’s videos are created to inspire others to do their own hands-on projects.
“I always see people on YouTube share their ideas,” Hirschinger said.  “I thought it would be fun to show others what I’ve created, taught and learned.”
Both teens contributed to the idea for the channel.  Originally, Weissbuch planned on making a video while making Hirschinger’s duct tape purse birthday present.  With leftover supplies, the duo decided to make other videos.
“We’re both inspired by [YouTube accounts] Threadbanger and Craft Division, so we thought, ‘That’s so cool! What if we started that,’” Weissbuch said.
With an idea for a video, the pair gets supplies from local craft stores like Michael’s, Joann’s or F&S.  Sometimes they try out crafts before filming, depending on a project’s difficulty level.
Hirschinger’s and Weissbuch’s craft videos have almost 6,000 views and counting.  They hope to increase their videos’ viewing numbers in the future with the addition of more videos.
“When I see [our videos’ views], I’m so happy,” Hirschinger said.  “I admire all of the people I watch [on YouTube] and to know that people who watch our videos are inspired by me is great.”
Hirschinger's video teaches viewers how to make a decorated notebook. Photo courtesy of Drew Hirschinger.

Both Hirschinger and Weissbuch have a background in arts and crafts and DIY activities.  Their artistic experience enables them to generate ideas for new projects.
“My mom is an artist and does crafty things, so I’ve grown up around crafty items,” Hirschinger said.  “My favorite project that I made is a Tree of Life necklace.  My mom said that she could never do it but I wanted to anyways.  People don’t believe that I did it because they think it’s so nicely done.  That makes me happy.”
“I love stuff I did when I was little, like Model Magic,” Weissbuch added.  “I used to make figurines, and I bring Model Magic when babysitting.”
The juniors hope to plan, film and edit more videos in the future to provide more craft ideas to the YouTube community.
Hirschinger aims to do sewing, cooking and pillow making projects, while Weissbuch aspires to make a Scrabble tile necklace video.