Practice Model United Nations conference


Celine Hakimianpour, staff writer 

The Model United Nations club will begin recruiting new members by hosting a practice Model UN conference on Dec. 8.

The conference is open to any student at Beverly who is interested in representing an assigned country and discussing an international issue up for debate. This conference will also give students already enrolled in the club a chance to gain more experience in representing their country.

The event gives students the chance to step into the shoes of ambassadors from the UN and debate the organization’s current issues. Students participating in the conference will be expected to prepare speeches, make draft resolutions, negotiate with allies and resolve conflicts pertaining to the debate topic.

In order to participate in the conference, one must have turned in their paperwork along with $10 to Advisor Malia Frutschy in room 202 on Nov. 30.

“I am very excited for this conference. It gives BHHS students a chance to experience new worldly views,” Model UN treasurer Remy Jamal-Edine said.

Three types of awards will be given out at the event. The Best Delegate award will be rewarded to one student who executed themselves in the best way possible and participated the best all-around. The Outstanding Delegate award, second place, will be given to multiple students who showed the most exemplary debate skills. The third place award, The Honorable Mention, will also be given to various students who voiced their opinions in the debate and showed a thorough understanding of the day’s topic.

Students who wish to participate in the meeting must attend one training session and complete research on the country they are assigned. The training sessions will be held in Frutschy’s room at lunch on either Dec. 4 or Dec. 6, and, will include, among other topics, reviewing effective ways of researching background information about one’s country.

“I am judging one of the conferences,” Jamal-Edine said. “I am looking forward to the fun debates to come and seeing how well the students can debate the views of countries they may have never thought of debating.”

The conference will be held in the history hallway and everyone participating in the conference must show up in Western business attire. The debate will be held from 8:30 a.m. through 1:30 p.m.