How to take advantage of the new finals schedule


Pasha Farmanara, web editor-in-chief
There has been a lot of talk about this semester’s finals schedule, both good and bad. The arguments vary from complaints regarding the out-of-order classes, the enrichment block schedule preceding finals, and even the day off on the Monday before finals.
This semester’s finals schedule can be very beneficial for all students, as long as they use their time wisely. If students are prepared early and use their time efficiently the new schedule can serve as an assistance.

1. Block Schedule

Block Schedule gives teacher longer periods to do activities such as review and labs or just have an extended period, and an enrichment period to work with students. Chances are that most teachers will use this block period as a review day for the final. When teachers are open for questions, it usually ends up that the class dozes off, but one students keeps asking all the questions. Be that student. Your teacher is your greatest resource. He or she has either made the final or knows what content will be on the final, and will guide you to the information you need to know most. The block periods do take away a whole day of class from the week, but if you come to class prepared you will be able to take in a week’s worth of information.
2. Extra full day to study
Because of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on Jan. 21 we have no school on the Monday before finals. The holiday gives students an entire day to review material. Some argue that the day off will negatively impact us because we can not review with our teachers, but if you took advantage the week before, you have already gotten all the information you could have out of your teachers. On the weekend before every semester students cram every last bit of information they can into their heads, and Monday simply gives everyone more time to do all their last minute studying.
3. Wednesday is almost a free day
This may apply mostly to athletes and upperclassmen, but students with a two through six schedule have at most one final on Wednesday. Wednesday has finals scheduled for periods one, six, and seven. Most students don’t have a period one, sixth period is a popular elective period, and many students don’t have a seventh period. If you are lucky, you may have zero finals on Wednesday. This gives you Monday night and Tuesday night to review for your period four and five finals.
4. It all ends with formal, and a three day weekend
After a week of studying, testing and stress what better way to unwind than the 2013 Winter Formal? Formal gives us a way to celebrate the end of first semester by dressing up in our best attire and spending the night with our peers. It a time to give the “refresh” button on JupiterGrades a break and focus on something not school related. Also, the three day weekend gives students an extended resting period to recover from a week of sleep deprivation and over-consumption of caffeine.